Bruce Campanelli
Paramount Graphics

CMYK Engineering technicians did an excellent job getting our Oce Arizona 550 machine working better than we thought it could. They worked without stopping and made use of every minute was here. I appreciate the time they spent explaining the maintenance and file setup using our Onyx RIP very much. Lipla inks are such an improvement over the Oce inks it is hard to believe. They are not tacky, the colors are cleaner and denser so we will save on ink usage, and I feel the less glossy appearance is much better and is more forgiving with regards to cure banding. Additionally, the reduced need for head maintenance is also great. We are extremely satisfied!

Eric Olson
Pica Grove Image Allies

We have an Océ Arizona 360 XT that has been nothing but problems since we purchased it. In the 3 years of our $1200 a month service contract the service provider worked on the printer over 50 times, many for the same recurring issues. Our printer is in a designated room, very clean, climate controlled yet we had constant problems with this printer, banding, leaks, dripping, ink warmup, etc. After 3 1/2 years we were dropped by our service provider AND Océ, neither party would support our printer. With nothing to loose, we switched over to CMYK Engineering Inks. There was an immediate improvement. 90% of our banding and print issues have been eliminated and CMYK is very knowledgeable on the Océ platform so we can fix the printer ourselves when parts fail.

Jayne Alberts
Jayne Alberts Enterprises

The company CMYK Engineering is an excellent company to deal with. I purchased an Oce 550GT flatbed 8 x 10 last year, they came to my shop and installed the printer, trained our operator and changed out the ink. So far it has been a pleasure working with the team. Technicians have given excellent service. Moreover, they always come when it needs no matter what day or time. I’m very happy with the service.

David Ibara
XL Printing

For over a year now, CMYK Engineering has been supplying us with UV inks for our OCE UV Flatbed printer and the experience has been nothing short of excellent. We were worried that changing inks would cause unforeseen problems like many other 3rd party inks on the market, but the exact opposite has happened. We have not only saved money, but we have also increased our quality, speed, and versatility all by trusting Kirill and his team to do what they do best. These guys know these inks and machines very well and are eager to help get you to that next level.

Ali Rounaghi
Laguna Graphic Arts

CMYK Engineering is a game changing company. They switched our inks seamlessly and provide support that is excellent. Our flatbed prints so much better with the CMYK+ W Lipla inks. In addition to changing our inks, they service our machine better than any tech ever has.

Mike Hill

CMYK Engineering's  team are knowledgable, and will do what it takes to get any machine they support in perfect working order. We have been using. CMYK+ W Lipla ink since 2016 and it is working out great for us. It is comparable if not better then OEM, and has given us less issues when it comes. If you use a UV printer I would highly recommend CMYK.

Kevin Nguyen
K&L Printing

We have been using CMYK's services for about 2 years now since we switched from the OEM inks to their inks on all our UV printers. Their customer support is outstanding, they will answer any questions that arise and will go the extra mile to fix any issues on our printers when using their inks. We have an OCE 350 GT, and when it was out of commission from OEM ink clogging up the system, they came in with their expertise and knowledge and fixed our printer, and now its printing excellent quality. We are completely satisfied with their inks and services and would recommend them to anyone who might be looking to save money on overpriced OEM inks and service contracts.

Michael Fitches
Fitches, LLC

These guys are game changers, ink is solid and their knowledge of machines is second to none. Thank You! Thank You!

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2314 Good Boy Rd, Florence SC, 29501-7020
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