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Who we are

Our company specializes in providing advanced mid-range and entry-level solutions for large-format printers and digital cutting systems. We offer the most advanced UV ink and technical services for a wide range of UV printer brands. Our team is committed to assisting you in finding the ideal solution for your business needs. Whether you want to enhance your printing capabilities or streamline your cutting processes, we have a vast selection of products and expertise to help you achieve your objectives.

Our products

Modern and high-productivity UV-LED digital printers

High-productivity cutting systems with wide range of options

An innovative uv-curable inks and liquids for professional uv-led printing



Our company was originally established as an independent service center for grand format solvent-based printers from various American and European manufacturers, including Skitex, Nur, Agfa, and Vutek. Our skilled technicians served clients throughout the CIS region.

Despite and because of the challenge of limited access to OEM spare parts, we developed innovative and resourceful solutions to a wide range of printer issues, gaining valuable insight into the unique strengths and weaknesses of different printer models.


We begin familiarizing ourselves with the variety of fast-growing China-based manufacturers and recognize the lack of a steady supply of quality ink suitable for the most advanced printheads of that time, the Spectra Nova 256.

Our company is the first to perform long endurance tests on the available ink brands, and as a result, we eventually chose to work with the Techink Corp, an ink manufacturer based in SAR. Later, their most advanced chemists and their production facility were absorbed by HP.


We had a strong market presence with 200+ large-format installations and annual sales of 250,000+ liters of ink. To enhance our efforts, we start shifted towards direct sales of UV printing and digital die-cutting by seeking a collaboration partner and researching independent electronic and software manufacturers. The study highlighted companies designing their control boards and software. It also mentioned software development teams focused on cutting solutions (e.g., I-Cut, AD/CAD), CCD camera software, and raster processing software (e.g., ColorGATE, Onyx, Photoprint).


After considering a range of potential qualified partners, we decided to cooperate with DYSS, a manufacturer from South Korea with open-minded management willing to work closely with our R&D team to find optimal solutions for potential clients in the CIS.

Together, we would be offering digital flatbed printers, digital hybrid printers, and digital cutting machinery. Our goal was to integrate the most advanced technology of the time, such as Ricoh Gen4 printheads and i-cut Vision, an independent CCD control software manufacturer. Later, at FESPA Munich, DYSS received "Best Wide Format Finishing Device of The Year 2010" from the European Digital Press Awards. To remove looming competition, Esko soon after bought i-cut.


To address the inconsistency of third-party UV ink for low-resolution printheads, we began exploring the idea of cooperating with some leading ink manufacturers. Our solvent ink expertise and industry connections enabled us to collaborate closely with well-known corporations such as Sunchemical (UK), Sericol (UK), Toyo (Japan), and Agfa (Belgium). We conducted extensive research and testing to develop a perfect ink formulation that would enable our customers to print better and more consistently at a reasonable cost. Our collaboration with these leading manufacturers proved to be a game-changer for our company. By combining our knowledge and expertise, we developed an ink that met the needs of our customers while also exceeding their expectations.


We expanded our CIS portfolio by becoming the exclusive distributor of Hanglory Group's HandTop UV large-format printing equipment, also known as CET Color in the US market. With the advanced Kyocera KJ4 printheads and the superior quality of Lipla KYO ink, the printers rapidly gained popularity.

Although we experienced significant success in our local market, we recognized the importance of expanding our operations to serve customers worldwide. Subsequently, we relocated our primary office to the United States and established a branch in Europe. This strategic move has enabled us to enhance our customer service capabilities and offer prompt and dependable support to our clients, regardless of their location.


We were the first to successfully integrate an LED curing system into a Canon Oce Arizona UV flatbed printer as an advanced, environmentally friendly, more powerful, and longer-lasting replacement for standard mercury UV bulbs. The upgrade had been performed at the [insert year] Printing United show in Las Vegas. In addition, we reinvented a bulk ink supply system to fit Canon Arizona, Fuji Acuity, and EFI VUTEk couplings—a simple and convenient solution for those looking for the highest quality alternative ink for those printers. This allowed us to start a massive expansion of our UV ink department and soon, the Lipla UV ink families become a well-known and reliable solution for over 300 customers in the US.


The knowledge and skill as well as our amassed industry connections in the field of large-format manufacturing were combined for a new project we called the Sova: a large-format UV printer built on the most advanced yet inexpensive components. Reliable, durable, easy to maintain, and incredibly fast—these characteristics make the Sova successful beyond imagination. Our impressive machine gives many small- to medium-sized sign shops a chance to join the UV printing game and be competitive even against market leaders. In addition to printing equipment, we introduced digital cutters from TPS, a leading Chinese manufacturer that uses only the most high-quality components, such as Mitsubishi and Nakanishi servos and routers.


The COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic impact on all industries. Most supply chain and logistic channels were ruined and the global economic impact was severe for many suppliers. We are proud not only of the consistent supply we maintained but especially of the way we were able to continue suppling all of our customers through that tough time with no price increases. In addition, we introduced a novel AI-based app that gives our customers access to 24/7 live support. We did all of this because we believe the success of our customers is part of our own success; therefore, we freely and gladly share what we can.

Meet the team
Kirill Klockov

I manage the company's growth and am available to answer any questions about working together.

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David Medina

I communicate with customers and make sure they are happy with our work. If you have any questions about purchasing equipment or services, please email me.

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Sergey Chizhov

I communicate with clients on technical issues. I make sure that our customers' equipment is in good working order. Email me if you have problems with our equipment.

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